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At Villa Massimo we have one of the best 'Cantina's in the world'

Established 27 years ago. At its debut in Brossard, it was an upscale restaurant created by a Quebec contractor. This first adventure lasted seven years. Two Greek brothers bought it and assured its prosperity for over seven years. Tony and Jose Rebelo, two brothers, became the new owners. They built a reputation which has never stopped growing.

The land occupied by this institution being required to develop the new city of Brossard, the restaurant was relocated in 1991 on boulevard Taschereau, at the heart of La Prairie. Since that day the two brothers, Tony and Jose Rebelo, spent thirteen years of total dedication, seven days a week, never stopping except to taste the pleasure they had developing this jewel, which became one of the best restaurants in Quebec.

The atmosphere of the place, the superb cuisine of Chef Gabriele Ottoni, the music and impeccable service makes the Villa Massimo a must visit place above all. Discreet and charming, with its old castle style where the wine fuse, Villa Massimo will just bewitch to the point of wanting to return constantly to rediscover new life.

Gabriele Ottoni (Villa Massimo)

Grand gastronomic virtuoso, Gabriele Ottoni has a life story of the kind we love in America. At sixteen, he was not interested in studies nor the nonsense that he was told. Gabriele absolutely wanted to work and live his life his own way. He found a job in a restaurant, after all an ordinary matter except that he found an environment where his natural talent could emerge. Through hard work and great determination he showed, in less time than it takes to tell, Gabriele Ottoni worked with such famous chefs as Pépino Perri, Jean-Paul Grappe, Alain Lewis and Dominic Masciottra to name a few. Gabriele Ottini shined for five years at the famous restaurant Le Latini, before blossoming at the grand Villa Massimo of the brothers Tony and Jose Rebelo.

What Gabriele abhors most, are the overloaded plates that leave no room for quality of presentation. In the Villa Massimo, one must first learn to give to the client "everything" he desire. Gabriel can then bring forth the culinary creations that brings, even to the most demanding gourmets, a total satisfaction. The spent time is irrelevant. If he has at hand the products needed to prepare a dish, the customer will always have the fullest of pleasure to taste the food he wants, as he likes. Villa Massimo offers a variety of hard to compare of 20 000 vintage wines ($ 29 to $ 7,500 per bottle). Ask what you want! At Villa Massimo, you have an excellent chance of finding the great wine you are looking for.

Beautiful man overflowing with positive energy, Chef Gabriele Ottoni already has over 25 years of experience, even if he's just in is early fourties. His preferred dish is as always the double osso bucco, served with polenta. And when I ask him what he would like to create for a group of sophisticated gastronomes, having taken the time to think on the subject, he tells me it would be this menu:

the toast of melanzane (aubergine)
the dough truffles Fettuchini.
the warm salad of portobello mushrooms perfumed with balsamic and, to top it all
osso bucco with buffalo and rizzoto milanese.

But beware, if you intend to submit such a request, do not forget to order two or three days in advance. Bon appetite!


Picture Montage of Villa Massimo


Tony and Jose Introduce Villa Massimo


The restaurant Villa Massimo in LaPrairie, is undoubtedly part of a select club of institutions with a wine cellar out of the ordinary in the Greater Montreal. The owners Tony and Jose Rebelo have no less than 17 000 bottles of wine (a great variety ranging from $ 26.95 to $ 5000) stored around the restaurant, among others, in their new room reserved for Private dining. Decorated with stones, arches and gargoyles, this room will give you the impression of dining in one of these Italian castle cellars.

The chic restaurant, whose name recalls that of the famous Tuscan family Massimo, trust the innovative creations of the culinary chef Rocco Leone, strongly inspired by the fine cuisine of Calabria. Homemade pasta seasoned with olive oil, flavored with truffles, seafood topped with a fresh herbs sauce and brandy, as well as wild meat dishes, such as the square of calvados boar, available on request or with our table d'hote from $ 17.95 during lunch and $ 25.95 in the evening.

Guide Debeur

Italian Specialties: Raspberries Bison, homemade fresh pasta, Gorgonzola veal medallions, calabrese mussels, Casanova veal escalope, seafood plate. The best Italian table on the south shore of Montreal.Giant wine cellar (20,000 wine collector's bottles). Wine tasting in the cellar.

Comments (Debeur): An abundant menu, diverse, dominated by the purest Italian tradition. The flavors and generosity are at the rendez-vous.The plates are large but lack a little presentation. On the other hand, there are still here the high quality buckling service, fine edge preparations to the customer, which shows a willingness to the good and the tradition. Pasta, ice creams and all desserts are homemade. It's fresh and it's good.Excellent choice of wines.


Villa Massimo Restaurant

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